As I a part of a wonderful blogging world - 'The Blogosphere' as it is referred to at times, I have been a part of many blogging events. 

Here they are:

1. #SaturdayWordPlay: Weekly word prompts reviving forgotten words

 2. Writing Prompts as a part of the #blogbuddy initiative by @Blogchatter a wonderful platform for bloggers from every genre, that encourages, motivates and educates on everything blogging. 

3. #FotoFridays an initiative of #Blogbuddy #Writehouse at #Blogchatter where the entire team blogs on a single #photoprompt, each with a different story/perspective.


4. Blog-A-Rhythm #WordyWednesday Prompts 


#BarAThon 2016 with Blog-A-Rhythm


5. A Winning Entry for #AWinterInStoryland at A Winter Morning Musing that is now a part of a published Anthology, THE MISSING STEP

 6. AToZChallenge2016

It is a daily blogging challenge through the month of April which sees bloggers from around the world get their spirits combined to blog through the month of April. The relief comes to each in the form of a Sunday. 26 days and 26 alphabets come together, each day taken up by an alphabet.
Come, join me as I enter this challenge taking you through my collection of blogs with my selected theme of 'Home And Interiors' for the month of April.  1) Why I am taking up the #AtoZChallenge?
2) #AToZChallenge 2016 Theme Reveal time!

Read all my AToZ Home-N-Interior posts HERE

7. Liebster Award Blog

8. With @Blogchatter,

9. Write Tribe Festival of Words (WTFW) July'16

10. @Blogchatter's #MyFriendAlexa Campaign Sept'16

11. A Milestone in my blogging journey: What's in a number?