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Happy to announce that I won the i-style Decor Makeover Contest by Asian Paints.
Read all about it here:

Winning the Asian Paints i-style contest

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12) L: Lighting for your Home

13) M: Mirror Magic at Home

14) N: Nice to have Niches

15) O: Obsolete Decor Ideas you should Avoid 

16) P: Planning your Kids-Room 

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18) R: Retro-Chic for your Home

19) S: Smart Tips for Elderly-Safe Living Spaces

20) T: Tiles, Stone, wood and more Flooring Options

21) U: Understanding Kitchen Layouts

22) V: Vanity Fair: Wardrobes 

23) W: Window Treatments - Curtains 

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25) Y: Your Home Your Style

26) Z: Zzz Your Bed of Dreams  

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