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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Many Hats, One Master

It had been a rather long day at work. The Dementor a.k.a boss was pulling out all stops at being tiresome. To cut him some slack Nina remembered what awaited him at home. Yes, that had to be it! With 'that horror' looming ahead, anyone would be on tenterhooks all day long. Being the boss he was, he vented his frustration on the poor jokers who worked under him. 
Hmm, everyone had their own share of worries and frustrations, she mused. 

The Boss's Wife - What a creation! If the boss was a slimy piece of work, the better-half was substantially worse; 'substantial' being the key operative. Where Mr B was a pint-sized midget of obnoxious aggression, the fair maiden of his dreams errmm...nightmares was buxom, burly and conniving! Appearances can be deceptive some wise man has said, but Nina was sure that guy would've had to eat his words, had he met Mrs B. 

Endowed with the build of Hidimbi and wile of Shakuni, this was one character that even Lord Vyasa couldn't have imagined! 
Currently the entire female staff was supposedly playing 'muse' to her ladyship's designer ambitions, of course at a cost. Nothing comes free, does it? Especially designer garments straight off the shelf of wannabe designer Boss lady!

The mobile beeped. It was Geeta from the office. She was obviously panicking about the weekend party.

Geeta (hyperventilating): Decided what you're wearing?
Nina: No guesses! The purple sack the old wretch sold me.
Geeta: Hmm, you are lucky. I am stuck with that grotesque yellow affliction that reminds me of my diaper changing days.
Nina: At least it's a plain yellow. Mine has fluorescent 3D flowers and butterflies all over. I wonder if we can shift the venue to the 'Rainforest'? I'd look totally at home there in that costume.
Geeta (still stuck with her problem): Did you know, mine has shiny mirrors sewn at the wrong spots. You think she designed it accidentally or intentionally? Two large round ones like headlights on the front yoke! How do you think that will look? I can't carry off something like that!
Nina: That's easy, just throw a scarf around and say you are feeling cold.
Geeta: Yayy!! You're the best! Why didn't I think of that! 

Slipping her mobile into her bag, Nina unlocked the door. The home looked like a hurricane had run through it; strong enough to disembowel all the cupboards.!

Deftly skipping through the mess, she made her way to her room. Nik was watching the news with his usual intensity, sitting on a pile of clothes.

'Nik, you know Mrs B?'
'Oh yeah, that Lady Bheem Boss?' Nik replied without taking his eyes off the TV.
'Yes, yes that's her. She's invited the staff for a party at their place. It's going to be some sort of an informal ramp walk. All those who purchased her personally designed outfits....let me rephrase that, all victims who were bamboozled into emptying their wallets on her bizarre creations...yeah that's better...we have to strut them at the party. Like a showcase of her talent...urghhh! Just kill me!'
Nik looked up worriedly,'Do I have to come?'
'No, spouses not invited, unless you want to show off that orange and green tie I bought for you from her collection.'
'Oh, good, I am saved! But isn't she really amazing? This Mrs B? I thought she was into cooking and baking?' His tongue went automatically to the tooth that had chipped on one of Mrs B's baked delicacies. 'So she's a designer now?' Nik enquired, surreptitiously slipping the cloth pile under the sofa, lest Nina started insisting he put them away right now.

'Talented she is! But before she ventured into baking, she was into building a pre-school chain!' Nina shivered involuntarily, relieved at the thought that Mrs B's experiments with kids had not included hers.  
She continued, 'Her baking fling fizzled out once she saw fellow cronies from her kitty group jump onto the design bandwagon. Plus the fact that she inherited a whole lot of fabric from a dead relative who was into exports.' 
Nina dug into her wardrobe and pulled out the purple 'designer' outfit. She waved it in front of Nik, 'Tell me Nik, what do you think of this?'
'Nina, stop waving that cheap car-seat cover in front of me! I want to see the breaking news.'
'Hey, why didn't I think of this? Nik, you are a genius! I know how I am going to showcase Mrs B's designs! Simply by sitting on it! My apologies dear car!'

Image source: Pixabay

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